About Us

TechShield 24|7 was created to meet a growing need in the market place. We are here to serve businesses with top quality I.T. professionals located in the United States. Our mission is to be your I.T. department. If you have a simple question or need complicated computer work done we can help!

Few things bring your workday to a halt like when the network is down. Now consider how that adds up across the business. Each minute of downtime can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in terms of lost productivity and sales. What’s more, these costs are only increasing, up some 41% from 2010 to 2013 according to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute downtime costs every business. What’s it costing yours each month—in a year?


Our plans are designed to dramatically reduce downtime. Our approach is to provide comprehensive IT support that resolves network and device issues quickly, along with preventative maintenance that helps reduce the number of issues in the first place. In addition, we provide support that covers a range of business-critical areas such as security, backup, and mobility—all offered alongside strategic IT planning to support your business as it grows and evolves.

With this approach, your business can have complete 24/7 IT service that keeps essential aspects of the business up and running—all through one point of contact at one predictable cost


Gordon Chan - Director of I.T. Services

Gordon is an experienced I.T. leader that has managed large enterprise fleets. He will work with your organization to optimize your environment.

Dan Morgan - VP of Sales & Marketing

Dan is an accomplished leader in sales and will work with your organization to create measurable results.

Aaron Farley - Director of Customer Relations

Aaron strives to meet our customer's needs. He will work hard to keep you satisfied.

Chris Strzelczyk - Director of Development

Chris is an exceptional developer who will work with your organization to create a website to meet your needs.